Election card and identification papers

Most registered voters will receive their voting card digitally through altinn or digipost. Some voters may not have registered or been active in their digipost. These voters will receive a physical voting card through ordinary mail. The voting card contains information about where you can vote and more, and will make the voting process easier both for you and the voting officials. It is, however, not obligatory to bring it to the polling station but we recommend that you do.

Voters must provide an ID in order to cast their vote, it is important that you bring this with you. An ID must contain your full name, date of birth and photo. Examples of approved ID documents are:

  • Drivers lisence (also digital version)
  • National ID-card
  • Passport
  • Credit – or debit card with photo.

Excemption from identification:

  • Voters who are residents at municipal institutions, inmates in prison or similar who are unable to provide identification documents may be identified by a member of staff at the institution in which they reside. Said staff member must be able to identify themself with ID as stated above.     

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