Facilitated voting

There may be a number of reasons for voters to require facilitated voting. Grimstad municipality aims to facilitate for all voters to have the best possible access to a polling station or to otherwise facilitate for voting when necessary. Some measures the municipality has taken are to open more polling stations at certain institutions during the advance voting period, and to provide voting at home under certain circumstances.

Voting in institutions

See «when and where to vote» for more information and opening hours.

Facilitated voting at home

Voters who are physically or otherwise unable to vote at one of the polling stations may request to vote at home, in which case voting officials will come to their residence, providing a safe option to cast their vote. 

Request to vote at home must be sent forward to the municipality no later than Tuesday September 5th by telephone, e-mail or mail:

Assistance when voting

It is not allowed to enter the voting booth more than one person at the time. However, exceptions are made for voters who physically or otherwise require assistance at the booth to prepare or cast their vote. Such voter may be assisted by a voting official or a person the voter choses. Please note that this much be made clear to a voting official before entering the booth. Make sure to ask the officials at the polling station if you have any questions.

If you or someone you know is a registered voter who requires facilitated voting other than what is listed on this page, please contact us for more information: