Norwegian evening lessons

The Norwegian lessons run every Monday and Wednesday at 5 pm - 7:30 pm and last for 15 weeks/90 lessons. All learners are tested and placed in groups based on their Norwegian language level.

Course fee

Some applicants may be eligible for free Norwegian courses.
Prices for the courses are given in the application form.


For registration, please fill in the registration form for Norwegian lessons and send it to Kvalifiseringstjenesten.

Registration form (PDF, 497 kB)

Course fee

Norskkurs - priser 2022
Kurs Kursavgift per semester
Dagkurs/day lessons - nivå A1-A2:
3 dager pr uke/ 3 days a week
10 000,-
Dagkurs/day lessons - nivå A2-B1:
4 dager per uke / 4 days a week
12 000,-
Kveldskurs/evening lessons:
1 kveld pr uke/ 1 evening a week
4 700,-

For more information, please contact the school.


Marit Bjelland
Fagleder (konsituert)
Telefon 908 17 046

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