About Grimstad

Grimstad is a town and municipality in the county of Agder, Norway and belongs to the geographical region of Sørlandet. Grimstad municipality is located in the southern part of Norway and covers an area of 304 square kilometres. The city goes by many names,

The City of Poets, The Bicycle City, The University City, The Maritime City and The Technology City. These names indicate that Grimstad has a lot to offer its population. All along the city, there is a beautiful 25 kilometres coastline with a number of islands and islets with sheltered beaches. There are also good opportunities for hiking, biking and skiing, and other activities for all ages.

Grimstad provides great educational offers, from preschool to university. If you want to live in a safe, inclusive and affordable city, Grimstad is the place for you.

Grimstad is the largest agricultural municipality in Southern Norway. The municipality also hosts several shipping and offshore related companies, an active coastal fishing fleet and several international high technology firm, including IT and telecoms businesses.

The three pillars of Norwegian Democracy


Norway has three levels of government. The central government and Parliament at national level, the county authorities (fylkeskommune) at regional level, and the municipalities at local level.

The Counties

The 11 counties of Norway represent the regional level. They are among other services, responsible for dental services and high schools (16-18). You can read more about Agder County municipality on their website

The municipalities

The municipalities are responsible for day care facilities, child welfare, primary and secondary schools, public libraries, primary health care, care for the elderly and disabled, fire departments, harbours, municipal roads, water supply, sewerage, garbage collection and disposal, organisation of land use within the municipality e.g. the laying out of land for industrial or commercial use, or housing.