Culture, sport and leisure

Diverse cultural and leisure activities are an important foundation for the development of the municipality. Grimstad is proud to have a rich cultural life and a variety of recreational opportunities.

Complete information about the cultural and sport services provided by the municipality (information ony in Norwegian).


Grimstad swimming pool is a public bath.


Grimstad library is located in the city center.

For children and youth

The Culture school offers activities in music, visual arts and drama for children. A highly educated and professional staff welcomes students to study the arts at any chosen level.

Grimstad Tourist Office

At Grimstad Tourist Office's website you will find great tips for activities, whether you are a tourist or resident.


Grimstad bys museer is a cultural history museum foundation through which Grimstad's history is preserved and disseminated.

Grimstad Cinema and Cultural centre

You will find more information about their program on their website.