Schools and nurseries

Below you will find the most important information about nurseries and schools in Grimstad. 


Nurseries in Grimstad are both private and municipal-owned. All children will be assigned a place at a nursery after submission of an application. However, sometimes you will have to wait for a short period of time, and you might also be assigned a place in another nursery.

The main closing date for applications is 1st of March each year.
Nurseries in Grimstad (information only in Norwegian)
Online application  (in Norwegian)

Primary and secondary schools

Children in Norway start school in the autumn of the year that they turn 6. Your child will automatically be registered at the local school, but you can choose to apply to another municipality school or a private school.
Read more about schools in Grimstad (information only in Norwegian).

Private schools:

If you have moved to Grimstad recently, you need to contact your local school to get your child registered. You can also apply for one of the private schools - you will find their application forms on their webpages (above). 

After school activity programme (SFO)

Before and after school hours, the school provides an After-school activity programme (SFO) for 1st to 4th grade children and for disabled children from 1st grade to 7th grade. You can get more information about SFO from the schools.

Closing date for applications is 1st April.
Read more about after school programme (information only in Norwegian).

Adult Education School

The adult education school offers adult immigrants Norwegian language courses and introduction to Norwegian society and culture.

The adult education school can also provide you with information on rights and regulations concerning Norwegian language courses. In addition, the school arranges for primary and secondary education for adults if necessary.
Read more about the adult education (information only in Norwegian)


Agder County is responsible for the high schools. In Grimstad we have two high schools, one is a private school: