Coronavirus Covid-19 - information in several languages

National measures and restrictions

Registration for vaccination

We hereby ask all inhabitants in Grimstad to register for vaccination whatever age and situation in the ongoing planned vaccination programme.

You may register here

If you do not have the opportunity to register by yourself, we strongly recommend you to seek family or friends for advice and help. Digital registration is easy and fast if you know how. Manual registration by phone, takes considerably more time.
Our vaccine information phone no: 37 25 04 00.

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Coronavirus vaccines - information in different languages - Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Coronavirus immunisation programme - Norwegian Institute of Public Health

COVID-19 certificate

The COVID-19 certificate gives you an overview of the COVID-19 vaccinations which have been registered for you in the Norwegian Immunisation Register (SYSVAK), and of the COVID-19 tests you have had. The overview shows the most recent negative COVID-19 test registered for you in the past seven days.

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Information upon entry into Norway

Corona testing

PCR test no longer required for people with three vaccine doses -

If you have symptoms, take a rapid lateral flow test

If you have symptoms of covid-19 you should take a rapid lateral flow test. Children under the age of 12 can also use rapid tests.

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, cough, wheezing and loss of taste or smell. 

Should I get tested? 
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If you have three vaccines you dont need to take a PCR test to confirm a positive self-test / rapid test.

Register positive result of lateral flow test

If you get a positive result, we ask that you register it your positivt test result. with us. In order for us to keep track of the infection situation, it is important that as many people as possible register a positive test result.

Registrer restresult  (service only in Norwegian)

Book a PCR test

If you are in one of the groups below, order a PCR test to confirm the result of the rapid lateral flow test. 

  • Children up to 16 years (due to vaccine)
  • Unvaccinated
  • People in risk groups
  • People who have not received three doses and need a corona certificate

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